Asphalt Resealing

Has your asphalt driveway or parking lot begun to dry up and crack?

Are you aware that it is recommended to reseal asphalt every 3-4 years to prevent cracking and asphalt deterioration? Once small cracks go unchecked, water can penetrate through the asphalt layer into the subsurface where it cause the subsurface to expand and contract causing larger cracks and ultimately potholes and severe damage.

Our proven asphalt resealing system restores and revitalizes your asphalt surface to “like new” appearance and offers the protection it needs to provide you with years of dependable service. we also utilize the latest technology in crack repair to help avoid costly repair and replacement costs in the future.

If you have begun to see small cracks or the surface has turned grey instead of shiny black, its time to reseal! Call us for a Free resealing estimate today!